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The real estate properties in Romania that follow are only a sample of the existing listings in various areas such as Constanta & Black Sea Coast (houses, plots, commercial, hotels), Bucharest. Inform us about your requirements by filling and sending in the information request form at the end of the page and we will propose you the most suitable choice.

ROMANIA Real Estate - Houses

BUCHAREST – 210 M2 new 3 level detached residence (ground, floor, 1st & attic), in a residences complex, 24h private security, near Otopeni airport, 3 bedrooms (1 master with bathroom), bathroom, wc, storage room, large living room with dining room, large kitchen, parking, boiler, fully furnished & equipped, PRICE: 330000 EUROS


BUCHAREST (Domnesti)- 353 SQ.M., maisonette, on a 7500 SQ.M., plot, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large kitchen, large living room, dinning room, fireplace, gas, underground garage with storage, garden with fruit trees, 10' from the city centre, PRICE: 1000000 EUROS (R48)


CONSTANTA (Eforie Nord) – 830 M2, four levels luxurious villa, 5’ walk to the Black Sea beach, 14 very spacious rooms (possible extension), 9 bathrooms, living room (80M2), kitchen (20M2), dining room, office, 2 balconies & 2 terraces, extra living in the attic, yard, garage 4 cars (50M2), wine cellar, gym.

The villa has a modern design, with large window surfaces, high walls & good quality finishes (marble, glass, tiles, laminated parquet, oak wooden floors, marble fireplace, crystal chandeliers), alarm system, interphone – videophone, closed to transportation & downtown. Villa is sold fully furnished (new furniture) & equipped,


COSTINESTI A development that comprises of 48 apartments (studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms) within a beautiful garden & a large swimming pool, playing area and allocated parking spaces. It features large terraces, view to the sea & lots of facilities for its residents, in the heart of the Costinesti marina, few meters from the beach. Within future a marina will be constructed by the resorts’ harbour.

Access is fully controlled with 24h on-site security monitoring. Full management and renting services are offered.

Form 48 Μ2 to 86 Μ2, PRICES: From 57000 EUROS

ROMANIA (Bucharest / Northern Suburbs) – 200 M2 two-floor detached residence, 2 years old, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & 1 wc, open parking seat, den, autonomous heating, security system, furniture, Jacuzzi, garden, deck, fence, privacy, PRICE: 1850 EUROS / month (RENT)

ROMANIA (Izvoru Mures) – 2 houses on a 1700 M2 plot. One built in 1995 and a 100 years old traditional wooden one (but in good condition).

The 1st house has 2 living rooms, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, garage, two balconies, central & traditional heating, furniture, gas is being installed, PRICE: 185000 EUROS for both.


CONSTANTA (Techirghiol) - 70 M2 apartment 4th floor, 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, wc, 1990, 50000 EUROS

MAMAHIA – 144 M2 3rd floor, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, wc, PRICE: 284000 EUROS

EFFORIE NORD – 60 M2, 4th floor, bedroom, living room, bathroom, PRICE: 80000 EUROS

EFFORIE SUD - 40 M2 3rd floor, bedroom, living room, bathroom, PRICE: 43000 EUROS

CONSTANTA – 80 M2, 4th floor, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, PRICE: 130000 EUROS

CONSTANTA (Faleza Nord) – 100 M2 house on 207 m2 plot, 3 rooms, central heating, garden, PRICE: 300000 EUROS

AGIGEA - 90 M2 house, on 330 m2 plot, 2 rooms, central heating, garden, PRICE: 300000 EUROS

CONSTANTA (Cumpana) – 80 Μ2 house on a 300 m2 plot, 2 bedrooms, living room, PRICE: 80000 EUROS

CONSTANTA – 280 M2 villa on a 800 m2 plot, 8 rooms, 3 bathrooms, gas annex, 4 garage seats, PRICE: 2000000 EUROS

FALEZA NORD – 270 M2 villa on a 200 m2 plot, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, attic, gas, PRICE: 450000 EUROS

CONSTANTA – 330 M2 villa on a 450 m2 plot, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, attic, gas, PRICE: 410000 EUROS

CONSTANTA – 180 M2 villa on a 400 m2 plot, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, PRICE: 410000 EUROS

EFFORIE NORD – 140 M2 villa on a 286 m2 plot, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, PRICE: 650000 EUROS

ROMANIA Real Estate - Plots

BUCHAREST – Α) 10266 M2 plot, permission to build 46000 M2 whereat added a 16000 M2 footer (3 buildings of 14 floors plus parking and shops, close to a park, commercial centres, access to the important thoroughfares from Bucharest. On this land are already connection to gas, electricity, water, sewerage system, metro station in 2 years, PRICE: 1450 EUROS / M2  + VAT

Β) 50000 M2 plot, permission to build 100000 M2, next to location of the belt of Bucharest city, 200 M from all utilities (gas, electricity, sewerage system, water), PRICE: 380 EUROS / M2.

TUZLA – Three plots, prime land on the sea, North of Costinesti.

Plot A – 45000 M2, 60 M opening to the sea, 800 M length, all utilities are 250 M to South

Plot B - 30000 M2, 45 M opening to the sea, 600 M length

Plot C - 28200 M2, 67 M opening to the sea, 600 M length

Each plot has cadasters in Stereo 70 and has deeds free of charge. The land is perfectly flat and situated 12 M above the sea level.

The coast has been developed during the last two years by the Romanian Government using European funds, being engineered in 3 terraces toward the sea, with a beach on sea shore. A promenade / light traffic road 12 meters wide is made all along the coast from Costinesti to Eforie.

BUZAU – 5000 M2 plot, within city plan, offered for rent for industrial purposes, frontage on two roads, (50 M and 100 M accordingly), PRICE: 800 EUROS / month
BUZAU – 500 M2 plot, in an industrial zone, access from two roads, RENT PRICE: 500 EUROS / month, SALES PRICE: 150000 EUROS
CONSTANTA  - 260000 M2 construction land, near Black Sea, close to the new resort that is developed about half way between the ports of Constanta and Mangalia, electricity & water available, PRICE: 3 EUROS / M2, capability to lease the land for few years.
CONSTANTA – 500 M2 plot, 23 M frontage, 260 M from the Νational road, water, electricity, sewage, PRICE: 59 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA – 200000 M2 plot, 200 M frontage, towards Ovidiu, water, electricity, sewage at 100 m, PRICE: 9 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA – 200000 M2 plot, 350 M frontage, towards Valu lui Traian, water, electricity, sewage at 150 m, PRICE: 15 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA – 361 M2 building plot, in the town, 13 M frontage, PRICE: 800000 EUROS
CONSTANTA (Techirghiol) – 900 M2 building plot, 30 M frontage, PRICE: 90000 EUROS
CONSTANTA (Aurel Vlaicu) – 7800 M2 building plot, 80 M frontage, PRICE: 150 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA – 2500 M2 building plot, 15 M frontage, PRICE: 22 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA – 500 M2 building plot, 8 M frontage, PRICE: 77 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA (Ovidiu) – 10000 M2 building plot, 140 M frontage, PRICE: 120 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA – 4000 M2 building plot, 60 M frontage, PRICE: 149 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA – 10000 M2 building plot, 62 M frontage, PRICE: 70 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA (Kim 5) – 5000 M2 building plot, 30 M frontage, PRICE: 50 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA (Tuzla)– 30000 M2 building plot, 88 M frontage, PRICE: 3 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA (Agigea)– 470 M2 building plot, 24 M frontage, PRICE: 18000 EUROS
CONSTANTA (Agigea) –5000 M2 plot, 13 M frontage, PRICE: 17 EUROS / M2
CONSTANTA (Techirghiol) - 56600 M2 building plot, 356 M frontage, PRICE: 5 EUROS / M2
EFFORIE NORD – 1000 M2 building plot, 43 M frontage, PRICE: 85 EUROS / M2
COSTINESTI – 750 M2 building plot, 18 M frontage, PRICE: 80 EUROS / M2
MAMAHIA – 650 M2 building plot, 12 M frontage, PRICE: 165 EUROS / M2
MAMAHIA – 800 M2 building plot, 18 M frontage, PRICE: 190 ΕUROS / M2
GRADINA – 130000 M2 plot, 350 M frontage, water, PRICE: 0,2 EUROS / M2
MELGIDIA – 300000 M2 plot, water, PRICE: 0,2 EUROS / M2
POIANA - 20000 M2, plot water, 300 M frontage, PRICE: 16 EUROS / M2
VALU TRUI TRAIAN – 56000 M2 plot, water, electricity, 98 M frontage, PRICE: 6,5 EUROS / M2
BUFTEA (Northern Bucharest) – 100000 M2 plot, within city plan, between two important National Roads, 16 km from the center, 9 km from the airport, building permission (electricity, gas, water). Area with continuous growth. Suitable for residences complex or short-term investment, PRICE: 55 EUROS / M2
PIRERA – The most expensive area in Bucharest, besides the center, where Romanian millioners live. We have 3 plots near the area’s forest, 1100 M2 each, within city plan, with all utilities (electricity, gas, water), building permission, PRICE: 500 EUROS / M2
CHITILA (NW Bucharest) – 1000000 Μ2 plot, within city plan, 15 km from the center, on the main National road Bucharest – Pitesti (exit to almost all western Romania and Europe), very close to the scheduled second peripheral road of Bucharest, building permission, all utilizes included (electricity, gas, water). In the area it is scheduled from a foreign company to develop a residences complex, PRICE: 100 EUROS / M2

BUTIMANU (Bucharest) – 20000 M2 plot, outside city plan, utilities within small distance, near lands where residences complexes, golf courses etc, will be developed, 30 km from the center, PRCIE: 8,5 EUROS / M2

DOBRA (Bucharest)1260000 M2 plot, outside city plan, access to an asphalt road, 40 km from the center, suitable for investment, PRICE: 2,7 EUROS / M2

ROMANIA Real Estate - Commercial

BLACK SEA COAST - Elegant 4 Stars hotel at the beautiful Romanian seashore, built in 2002, basement/ ground floor/ mezzanine/ 5 levels, composed of 50 units (5 apartments, 5 extra-large rooms, 15 twin-rooms, 25 double-rooms) with comfortable and elegant furniture, satellite color TV, telephone, internet connection, mini-bar, hair-dryer, and air conditioning. It also includes 100 seats restaurant, 40 seats bar, fully equipped conference room (up to 80 seats), recreational center (sauna/ massage/ fitness), hairdressing saloon, night-bar, the management business office and 2 offices for staff, parking space. 

700 SQ.M., plot (500 SQ.M., the building itself and 200 SQ.M., the parking space). Its strategic location, into the city of Constanta, but nearby Mamaia spa, makes it the best choice for either business or leisure purposes.

PRICE: 4500000 EUROS + 19% VAT (recovered from the state within the same month). (R14)


EFORIE NORD – 56 rooms hotel, 1920 M2 total surface, PRICE: 2000000 EUROS

MAMAHIA - 15 rooms hotel, 200 M2 total surface on a 500 M2 plot, central heating, air condition, gas, telephone, internet access, PRICE: 1500000 EUROS

FALEZA NORD – 90 M2 office space, ground floor, gas, PRICE: 210000 EUROS
CONSTANTA -1612 M2 commercial building, PRICE: 2000000 EUROS

CONSTANTA (Casa de cultura) – 280 M2 commercial space on a 300 M2 plot, sanitary facilities, restaurant, gym, PRICE: 400000 EUROS

BUZAU - 200 SQ.M., commercial building (2 bars & a shop) on a 1600 SQ.M., plot, PRICE: 45000 EUROS. (R20)
REQUESTED for immediate purchase:

- Apartments and detached residences in all Attika areas. 

- Apartments and detached residences in all over Greece. 

- Building lots and fields all over Greece.  

- Hotels, stores, offices and businesses in the commercial roads all over Greece.

- Apartments, residences, plots, and commercial real estate in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania,

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